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Absolute Cryogenics a division of FCL Precision Weld

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Absolute Cryogenics, a division of FCL, is offering Cryogenic treatment of all your projects. Our Cryogenic processor will slowly ramp the material down to -300 degrees F, then warms the material to + 300 F using a gentle CNC controlled program, typically one week process.

Each load is given its own custom program based on mass and material. Cryo processing does the following:

  • Modifies the carbon present in the material resulting in greatly increased wear properties.

  • Reduces the compressive and tensile stresses resulting from machining, welding and heat treating, resulting in greater fatigue resistance and stability.

The resulting improvements in cutting tools, gears, knives, dies, and stamps have shown in excess of 50% cost reductions in real world test environments. Anything that cuts, machines, wears, conducts, grinds or fatigues due to stress can be improved through our proven processes.

Over two years of R&D and 13,000lbs of material has gone into our commitment to cryogenic improvement of our customer's material. Most customers are amazed at the return on investment. Please call or e-mail for quote, as material and quantity is considered.



Computer controlled cryogenic treatment of metals and other materials.

Cryogenic Treatment for Racing and Cryogenic Motor Sport Treatment.


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  Chrysler 340 cu in Perfomance Engine Block
Chrysler 340 cu in Perfomance Engine Block
Complete Computer Controls
Complete Computer Controls
  Harley Davidson Engine Components
Harley Davidson Engine Components
  Machine Tools
Machine Tools


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